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Harvey's Farm

Providing:  Pick Your Own , Market
Farming Practices:  Naturally Grown
Attractions:  Gift Shop

Phone: 508-366-1545

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Our sixth generation farm has approximately 50 acres of open fields, rolling hills, and cropland. The Harvey family treasures this land as the legacy for the next generation, preserving our heritage as well as serving the community in continuing the care for the land and ecology of the region. The sweet fruits and hearty vegetables of our farm are grown in deep sandy loam left by the last ice age. As a family, we have overcome fire, flood and a devastating tornado. We have rebuilt after nature's wrath and have worked with the gifts nature has given us.

We are proud to have been featured on Channel 5's Chronicle and on the front page of The Boston Globe. We have also been highlighted in various industry publications, including Garden Chic, Green Profit and Garden Center Magazine to name a few. Our very own Emily Harvey was nominated as a finalist in green profit's, Young Retailer of The Year. We have received numerous first place trophies and ribbons for our quality produce and are a Proven Winner® Certified Garden Center.

During our growing season, we produce the freshest organically grown produce for you, your family and local restaurants. We work directly with executive chefs to grow unique crops that add flair to their fare.

Emily's Gift Barn features a variety of unique items. Discover all you need for the perfect lawn and garden - from the healthiest plants to the best advice from Farmer Harvey. Enjoy our model trains that run around the gift barn.

Our barnyard critters are always excited to see you. Feed them from Luta's covered bridge with our specially formulated food available in our gift barn.

At Harvey's we do things the old-fashioned way; our crops are picked by hand throughout the day. Our family invites your family to visit us and share the fruits of our labor.

120 South Street / 7 Maple Avenue

Directions: * Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (Route 90) East (From Points West) or West (From Points East) to Route 495 North.
* From Route 495 North take Route 9 West towards Worcester.
* From Route 9 take the Exit for Route 135 towards WESTBORO.
* Look for the Large, Blue Tourist Directional Sign for Harvey├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?s Farm.
* Two Miles on Route 135 takes you to the center of town, the Westborough Rotary. As you approach the rotary, a Getty Gas Station and Dairy Queen will be located on your right.
* Once you├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?├?┬?re in the rotary (at the intersection of Routes 135 and 30), continue on Route 135 East towards Hopkinton.
* Travel on Route 135 East for a half mile.
* You will pass South Street Diner on your left
* Take a Left onto Maple Avenue.
* Turn Right into our barn driveway.

Pick Your Own farm has the following produce:

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Picking Condition: Not Available Now
Market farm has the following produce:

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Availability: Not Available Now

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Availability: Not Available Now

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Availability: Not Available Now

Availability: Not Available Now

Availability: Not Available Now

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Availability: Not Available Now

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Availability: Not Available Now

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